Everything you need to know about SSL/TLS and Internet PKI (2014-)
The complete guide to securing your Apache web server (2005)
A security-aware parser for
the HTTP protocol (2010-2014)
Thinking Stone 2
Web application security products and services (2004-2006)
The definitive guide to
ModSecurity (2010-2012)
Open source web intrusion detection and prevention engine (2002-2009)
Book publishing with automated single-source production (2009-)
PHP Traveller 1
PHP blog, code, libraries and articles (2002-2005)
A site dedicated to the research of SSL/TLS and Internet PKI (2009-)
Njam Njam 1
Cookery web site (2001-2002)
Open source web application framework for Java (2009-)
Web-based intranet, extranet, and document management application (1999)

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(1) No longer available
(2) Acquired by Breach Security in 2006
(3) Acquired by Qualys in 2010